StoryUP! Show at Lilypad

By StoryUP (other events)

Saturday, October 21 2017 1:30 PM 2:30 PM

Philly’s finest improvisers present an interactive storytelling show based on stories and ideas from the children in the audience, with the kids taking part the whole way. A host and team of performers use props, costumes, music and improvisation to create scenes onstage with story ingredients provided by the audience. Entertaining for the whole family, this show keeps the audience engaged throughout as they join in the story-building fun! More info at 

Shows are recommended for ages 3-12 and run approximately 45 minutes. Doors open 5 minutes before showtime. 

Tickets: $10 each for children and adults (Free for siblings one year and under). 

(Please note that inside stroller parking is not available and we have about 6 stairs in front of Lilypad.)

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